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  • Our Cosmology Team c cosmology group belongs to the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Science ((IA)), which is one of the research units of FCUL funded by FCT, the portuguese Science Foundation with the assessment of Excellent. The Cosmology Team belongs to the to the Galaxies, Cosmology and Evolution of the Universe group of the IA, and is gathered around the Thematic Line "Unveiling the Dynamics of the Universe". It comprehends two poles: One at the University of Lisboa pole, and another pole at the University Porto (IA).

%frame width=75pct | Cosmic Puzzle

 Credit: NASA Images

Cosmology has witnessed an observational revolution, which, on the one hand, has contributed more accurate values of the cosmological parameters, and, on the other hand, has put in evidence that there are new and rather complex problems to address in the effort to describe the universe.

Among the main open problems that attract our interest are:

dominant components, which governs the dynamics of the universe in such a way as to produce a late, recent stage of accelerated expansion;

The IA - Cosmology Team is involved in several important observational missions and Telescopes, namely in Expresso, Euclid, e-LiSA.

In our research we apply a blend of analytical techniques, numerical simulations, and analysis of data to the study of %0acosmological models.

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